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Contact Info
Contact me to discuss YOUR SPECIFIC Design & Project needs.
I am most interested in New Houses, Home Additions & Remodeling Projects,
House Expansions and/or Complete Reconstructions.

Thanks for your interest and taking the time to review my Portfolio!

Design Fees & Other Services

Estimates of Design Fees are presented after an initial interview with the Client and are based on industry standard percentages referenced to current probable construction costs for recent comparable projects. Design Fees can vary widely, but are typically 4% to 8% of the construction costs depending of the scope of work requested, the complexity of design, and the Construction Documents needed.
Design services are usually provided on an hourly basis at the rate of $150/hr.

I also offer Consultations to explore design possibilities and options
BEFORE acquiring a property. Consultations are billed at $250/hr.
It is often extremely valuable and informative for a Client to discover what unseen potentials lay undiscovered for a property's development and improvement... possibilities that are not readily apparent without the expertise of an experienced architect. A one or two hour consultation often provides a client with insights and design strategies they would never had known possible. This is especially true for renovations, alterations & additions, as well as new construction and land development.

With respect to Land Development, "Free Splits", and Subdivisions... improvement options can be discovered and identified that may represent significant increased value to the client. Projects can be evaluated with respect to building codes, zoning ordinances, and other regulatory requirements. Once a general outline for a project is determined and probable scope of work established, I can also provide preliminary estimates of probable construction costs based on current market conditions. 

Please contact me to discuss how I can be of assistance with your
specific Design Requirements & Project needs.


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